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6th CCM International Conference on Pressure and Vacuum Metrology in conjunction with the 5th International Conference IMEKO TC16

Welcome to the 6th CCM International Conference on Pressure and Vacuum Metrology in conjunction with the 5th International Conference IMEKO TC16 to be held in Pereira, Colombia, May 7-10, 2017. [Full Technical Programme]


Guidelines for Presentations 

The instructions for Oral/Poster presentation can be seen here


Guidelines for Submitting Papers

There are several possibilities to publish papers related to your presentation at the conference. These possibilities are organized in different levels. For the lowest level 1, the paper must be well written and the content needs to be of reasonable quality. For the highest level 4 the paper must be very well written and have a very high quality (novelty, high scientific content, very high significance for the community).

When you submit your paper, please Indicate :

Please, prepare your paper according to the guidelines of your preferred publication platform. There will be at least two reviewers for each option.

The Scientific Committee will make the final decision, which paper will be submitted where in the frame of the proceedings.
Please, submit your paper by April 21, 2017, electronically on the conference website:

and, at this stage, not on the website of the journals!

Submission Process

  1. Go to Upload file and upload the file.
    You will need to specify your Submission ID and Password, if you got any trouble with this step writte to
  2. Go to Edit Submission and specify your chosed Option and level in the Comments section and submit the changes.


Option and level 1:
IMEKO Website for proceedings:

This website does not have an ISSN number and can only be cited by the website.
How the papers have to be prepared you can find on
Further down on this page you will find a Word and LaTex template for paper.
Examples of papers are available on the website
by selecting IMEKO World Congress and 2015.

Option and level 2:
Journal ACTA IMEKO (with an ISSN number)
This is a free online-only journal and papers can be cited as usual with a volume number and doi.
The instructions for authors including a template can be found on

Option and level 3:

This is a regular printed journal published by Elsevier on behalf of IMEKO.

Instructions for authors are given on, see "Guide for Authors".
Remember, at this stage do not submit your paper directly via this Elsevier website!.

Option and level 4:

Three papers may be selected to be published in a special volume of this High-impact journal

Author guidelines are quite short on
Best procedure is to choose a recent paper as an example for the style.


Registration to the CCMPV6 must be done separate.

Any questions?

Please don´t hesitate to write us by clicking here or emailing us to


Review and Program Committees:



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