Invited Speakers

Jay Hendricks, Thermodynamic Metrology Group Leader, NIST, United States. New Pressure Standard by Refractive Index Measurement.

Karl Jousten, CCM WG PV Chair, Head of Vacuum Metrology Group, PTB, Germany. Traceable Partial Pressure and Outgassing Rate Measurements.

Jim Fedchak, Thermodynamic Metrology Group, NIST, United States. Development of a New UHV Pressure Standard (Cold Atom Trap Vacuum Standard).

Wladimir Sabuga, Head of Pressure Working Group, PTB, Germany. High Pressure Metrology for Industrial Applications.

Kevin Douglass, Thermodynamic Metrology Group, NIST, United States. Traceable Dynamic Measurement of Mechanical Quantities

Michael Krystek, Member of the Consultative Committee for Units -CCU, PTB, Germany. Redefinition of the Kilogram and the New SI.

Jorge Torres, CCM WG PV Vice-Chair, Head of Force and Pressure Metrology Group, CENAM, Mexico. How to Systematically Build up Calibration Capabilities for Pressure and Vacuum in a Less- Developed Country.

Janez Setina, Head of Pressure Metrology, IMT, Slovenia. Economical Multi-Purpose Vacuum Calibration System for Smaller Metrological Institutes.